Comfort & Coffee

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We live in Orlando, where it’s perpetually sunny and warm, but we do realize that the vast majority of you live in much more seasonal climates where fall is already making itself known. This morning, temperatures here went as low as the mid 70s (gasp!), so we are slowly beginning to see, and feel, the changes as well. Even with our tropical weather, we still look forward to the autumnal season just as so many of you do, because it means so many exciting things!

Even in the Florida it can get cool early in the mornings and into the evenings. Putting on layers is a wonderful way to surrender to fall. Sweaters, flannels, light cotton jackets… and, luckily, we have the perfect basics to layer on top of. There’s nothing like a cozy sweater, and there’s nothing like a well-worn T-shirt to fit snugly underneath it. We are a big fan of the basic tee, because they pair nicely with everything, literally, and they are exceedingly easy to wear. We love a statement tee that, although simple in style, is a sartorial extension of your personality.

Fall also means coffee. We would be bonafide liars if we didn’t admit to being loyal followers of the caffeine all-year-round. Autumn, however, means spicier, warmer flavors, while spring and summer lend to fruitier teas, lemonades, and iced coffees. There is definitely a theme in our T-shirt designs: coffee and comfort, which is exactly what fall calls for.


Clue #1

Our fall/winter line is premiering in less than a month, so to keep the impatient ones at bay, starting today, right this second, we will be posting clues every so often hinting at the collection’s overall theme. We are being meticulous about this line — perfecting designs and carefully choosing items that fit effortlessly into your wardrobes… not to mention, we are thrilled about the theme. It contains aspects that each of us love and covet in our own personal styles, and we can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Today’s clue speaks to more of a style choice. Remember, these are just HINTS. Maybe we’ll do a small contest for those who can make the most accurate guesses.


(Yeah yeah yeah, we know they aren’t together anymore, but just go with it.) Start putting the clues together! Good luck.

Front Row Favorites pt. 2

And so continues our compilation of who rocked the front rows of this year’s Spring RTW fashion shows… (if you missed part one, click here!) We choose our favorites based on not only what the person is wearing, but how they wear it – style and personality-wise. We, basically, love when someone wears clothes effortlessly in his/her own way… not necessarily when it looks like the clothes are wearing the person. If that makes sense.


Stella McCartney

Opening Ceremony

Marc Jacobs

So far, we are loving Christina Ricci in Marc Jacobs and, from part one, Ciara is killing it in Givenchy. Let us know your favorites! We’d love to know what you think. Leave a comment below, OR you can tweet us your thoughts @fellowthreads. You can find all of these photos and more on

Fall Style Inspiration

It’s officially fall, folks. (Seriously. Sunday, September 22 marked the first official day of autumn). It’s time, whether we like it or not, to face the facts: the weather is cooling down. For many of us, brisk weather is nostalgic and comforting, but there is still a not-to-be-forgotten portion of people out there who dread fall and its looming, harsher brother, winter. Let’s look on the positive side of things, shall we? Let’s use this time to break out and dust off all of our old sartorial favorites from the back of our closets. If you’re in need of some style points, or just want to peruse what the fashion elite are wearing this season, here is some fall style inspiration just for you.

What we love about these looks is how effortless and easy to imitate they are. Here is a recap of fall style points, the quick version: animal print, fur details, over-sized everything, plaid plaid plaid, leather, denim-on-denim, menswear (button-ups, over-sized outdoor coats, tweed, loafers). Let us know: what are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?

Fall into Flannel

photoOne of the biggest trends this fall is anything and everything flannel, plaid and tartan. We got you. In the Vintage section of our online store we have a variety of button-ups that are absolutely perfect for finishing off an autumn ensemble. Substitute a flannel for a jacket as the weather gets cooler, pair it with denim cut-offs (before it gets too cold) or just tie it around your waist to show off your grunge/punk side. We all have one.

We are currently neck deep in our fall/winter line so be sure to stay tuned and in touch. Be on the lookout for new things later in October, and in the meantime we’ll be posting some of our biggest inspirations and influences for this line. We’re especially excited about these pieces, and we can’t wait for you all to have them!