White Out

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White after Labor Day: what’s the big deal? We want to know who decided that it was such a faux pas? How can so much of one color be so ousted in the fashion community? Well, we’re here to tell you that not everyone turns up their noses to white on white into fall. We’re taking a page out of Leandra Medine’s (manrepeller.com) book here, and telling you to ignore this so-called “rule” of No White After Labor Day, and continue to rock white however you see fit.

The only rule about white is that it is and always will be, next to black, the greatest canvas to build upon. Add tiny pops of color with accessories, wear striking shoes or classic sunglasses, wear a statement bag, mix and match hues of white – an off-white with a light beige, or, heck, just go with all white. Like with anything you wear, make it your own and have fun with it.

What we love about the looks below is that they’re attainable, meaning there is nothing so extreme or unorthodox about them that you can’t emulate them at home. Also, there’s a variety of looks. All white outfits can be worn any time of day for any occasion. Don’t fear the white!

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The crop top. Let’s discuss: The perfect midriff-bearing, sleeves-optional, easy and cute warm-weather top? or An obnoxiously small baby-sized, ill-fitting pullover?


We say if Beyonce does it, then it’s a great thing. We love how she wears her flowy top over her bathing suit paired with tiny shorts. Diane Kruger is in the middle. When it comes to fashion, she is absolutely fearless. Her fitted top with overalls (which we carry!) is ingenious. Lastly, Miley (pre-buzz cut) showcasing her perfect stomach with a flowy crop worn with leggings. Lovely.

We feel like crop tops can be classic pieces. It just all depends on how you style it. And obviously, we don’t all have a Miley Cyrus body, and that’s exactly why we sell a plethora of high-waisted shorts to cover up your not so favorite parts. But we say, if you feel confident, wear it. Our Start Something crop tops come in either pink or mint green, embroidered in white. They are soft and flowy and incredibly easy to wear. Eventually, we will be expanding our crop top selection. Here’s a preview of what they look like, and how we would style them.


Now, we want to know. How do you style your crop tops? If you’re interested in knowing where we purchased any of the individual items above, please feel free to ask in the comments!