Three Things

We believe that it’s important to make everyday exciting, and while that seems like a daunting task, it’s not really so difficult to keep an eye out for those seemingly small, everyday moments or things that make life special and unique. It’s actually a lot of fun. Your everyday routine doesn’t have to be mundane. We know it’s cliche, but life is just too darn short to be taken for granted. We also understand, however, that it’s extremely easy to forget this and fall into a slump. So as a healthy reminder, we are going to make a fervent effort to occasionally post three things that have inspired our day or week, or just simply make us happy.

photo(1)▸My favorite Arista frame Ray-Bans, that make me feel good in even the most boring of outfits.◂

photo▸Garden Pizza from 101 Beer Kitchen. Put a balsamic glaze on just about anything, and I’ll eat it.◂

photo(2)▸Three sopping wet, muddy Golden Retrievers swimming in Antrim Lake.◂

Have a fantastic week, everyone! Don’t forget to cherish the small things. Also, make sure to check out our brand new summer line, Roadtripping, on our main store website if you haven’t yet! Or come see us in person when we head out with Vans Warped Tour!