Warped Tour: Indianapolis

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Fellow Threads officially joined Vans Warped Tour yesterday in Indianapolis. The entire experience from start to finish went beyond our expectations in every possible way. Set-up began around 9 am right next to the Monster Energy stage. We wanted our tent to resemble more of a boutique, allowing people to come inside and browse. Our store is online-based, so we loved the opportunity to meet our customers and work with them directly. Every single customer was so lovely, and easy-going. (Shout out to the girls who tried on clothes without a changing curtain. You guys were troopers!)

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Warped Tour Indianapolis 069Our good friends Jaime Newman and Buzznet’s own Gabbie Brown stopped by. For Warped Tour exclusives and everything music-related, make sure to check out Gabbie’s blog. She’s an honest writer with a positive, refreshing point-of-view.

A revelation: work can be fun, you guys. There’s absolutely no reason why anyone should be working hard at something that isn’t uplifting, rewarding and, not to be under-minded, FUN. We worked our butts off non-stop until 9 pm, and it was awesome. In the little downtime that we did have, we were able to catch parts of two shows: Allstar Weekend and Action Item on the Tilly and Domo stage.

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Warped Tour Indianapolis 089We have 7 more cities to go: Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Cincinnati. We want to meet every single one of you, so please don’t hesitate to stop by and hang out with us!