Inspiration of the Day


Because who doesn’t need some Monday inspiration? It’s not always so easy to bounce back into a blah work week routine, so we’re here to help you feel maybe just a little bit more empowered and inspired to change things up a bit. Over the weekend, movie star and all-around goddess Angelina Jolie received an Oscar at the 2013 Governor’s Ball for her amazing international humanitarian work… and in this particular case, work means work. She doesn’t just donate a portion of her millions to random charities and call it a day, she’s on the ground in foreign countries, making speeches in political forums, physically working at making our world a better place. It’s so easy to look at today’s reality and feel disheartened and defeated, and this coming from a twenty-something says a lot about the general state of things. But when we look at people like Jolie who does the best she “can with this life to be of use,” it’s possible to see that we can make a difference, no matter how small we think our contribution. Grab some tissues, she’s amazing.

Speaking of making a difference, our very own founder, Lauren, is heading back to Kenya in February 2014! You can follow along with her adventures at and see firsthand how the actions of one person can create positive change. And don’t forget! A portion of every single piece sold in our store goes straight to organizations making an impact in the most in-need African countries.

Clue #2

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Our’s was on the cooler side, but we’re happy to bust out our favorite sweaters. Often, there’s nothing better than a gigantic, comfy sweater. What are some of your favorite pieces to wear in wear in fall?

Anyway, we’re here to announce Clue #2 — the second small hint at the theme of our fall/winter line. We have been working tirelessly on this collection of clothing, and like with anything you’re passionate about, we want to be completely happy with it before we debut it to the masses. Just a few more weeks. Now, onto the second clue! (If you missed Clue #1, you can check it out here.)


The night sky? Stars? Hmm. An additional tidbit: this screenshot is from a movie. We realize these pictures may seem vague or incredibly random, but we promise you they are actually quite specific if you know what you’re looking at. You can expect a few more clues before the line launches in just a few weeks. Tweet us @fellowthreads with any guesses!

Front Row Favorites pt. 1

We love a good fashion show like any sartorial enthusiast, but one of the most fascinating aspects of the shows, in our opinion, is who attends and what they wear. This year’s shows (Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear) are greatly inspirational to us and we pay close attention to who graces the front rows with their presence. After perusing hundreds of photos, courtesy of, we chose a few of our front row favorites; those who stood out fashionably and personality-wise.



Alexander Wang


We love the chic simplicity that these people exude. It’s a message that fashion doesn’t have to be fussy or complex, and that sometimes simple is better and makes just as bold a statement. What are your favorite looks? We are obsessed with the oversized Bambi sweater Lily and Anna are wearing.

Fall Style Inspiration

It’s officially fall, folks. (Seriously. Sunday, September 22 marked the first official day of autumn). It’s time, whether we like it or not, to face the facts: the weather is cooling down. For many of us, brisk weather is nostalgic and comforting, but there is still a not-to-be-forgotten portion of people out there who dread fall and its looming, harsher brother, winter. Let’s look on the positive side of things, shall we? Let’s use this time to break out and dust off all of our old sartorial favorites from the back of our closets. If you’re in need of some style points, or just want to peruse what the fashion elite are wearing this season, here is some fall style inspiration just for you.

What we love about these looks is how effortless and easy to imitate they are. Here is a recap of fall style points, the quick version: animal print, fur details, over-sized everything, plaid plaid plaid, leather, denim-on-denim, menswear (button-ups, over-sized outdoor coats, tweed, loafers). Let us know: what are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?

Hanson: Bare feet, big change, and my favorite band.

After 16 years, I’m pretty used to the reaction I get when someone finds out that my favorite band is Hanson. “They’re still together?” “Have they made any new music since the nineties?” or, my favorite, just plain laughing in my face. In middle school, when opinions on such things could make or break you as a legitimate teenager in the eyes of your peers, these conversations caused me great anxiety and frustration. Today, I stand up proud and tell anyone who knows me that Hanson (yes, that Hanson), is not only my favorite band, but my saving grace and my inspiration to live bigger, better, and bolder.

It’s safe to say that without Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson’s influence, I never would’ve travelled across the world to Africa, and I never would’ve created my company, Fellow Threads. Hanson’s influence on my life took the first step beyond music on the cold sidewalks of downtown Chicago in September 2007. It was that year, after a trip to South Africa, that Isaac, Taylor and Zac began the Take The Walk movement. In every city on their tour, before every show, they hosted a one-mile barefoot walk with anyone who showed up to join them. The walks raised awareness about the extreme poverty and immediate needs of the people of Africa, and raised money for the cause too with the brothers donating $1 on behalf of every single person who walked. One mile, walked barefoot on city streets with a few friends and 1,000 strangers, showed me for the first time how small steps, taken together, create massive change. Over the next 3 years, I participated in 15 more one-mile barefoot walks in extreme heat, freezing rain and even snow. Walking along-side Isaac, Taylor and Zac, hearing stories about their 2 trips to South Africa, and witnessing their passion for the people there firsthand put the calling in my heart to go.

In June 2011, I spent 2 weeks in Nairobi, Kenya, serving along-side missionaries, social workers and teachers in the Mathare Valley, one of the oldest, largest, and most desolate slums in Africa. That trip changed the core of the kind of human being I was before I stepped on that plane. It broadened by view of global society, and at the same time showed me how small the world really is and how alike we all really are. It instilled in me faith in humanity. It showed me that I, not someone smarter or richer or more outgoing, but I (and you too) have the power to create change for the better right here, right now.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a firm believer in the philosophy that everything in life works out for good in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, in exactly the way that it is supposed to, regardless of our plans. Everything good in your life is the product of countless people that God put in your path to help get you here, to a place where you can serve Him more fully. In my life, Isaac, Taylor and Zac are the most glaringly obvious evidence of this truth. Without knowing it, they literally put my bare feet on the path that I am blessed every day to be walking on. For that, I will be forever grateful to and supportive of my favorite band.

Hanson’s new album, Anthem, is in stores and on iTunes today, and we’re giving away 2 copies to celebrate! Follow us on Twitter @fellowthreads and send us a tweet about who inspires you to live bigger, better, and bolder to be entered to win.