TOP 5: Personal Standouts of Vans Warped Tour ’13

This post was particularly hard for us to put together seeing as there were 90+ bands on tour, and choosing just five seemed completely impossible, not to mention unfair. We quickly realized, however, that this being our blog, we can rank these guys however we want! The bands we chose are the ones we felt we had some personal connection with… whether that be Wallpaper. whom the great Gabbie Brown introduced us to or Action Item whom we’ve known for years… each band has standout qualities that we loved seeing every day on tour.


In Chicago Annie and I took a small break from our vending duties to catch the end of Wallpaper’s set. Our close friend and Kia pit reporter, Gabbie Brown, had told us nothing but incredible things about their music, so we were expecting good, but what we got was freaking phenomenal. Within seconds we were both jumping and dancing like fools, while occasionally shouting, “This is SO good!” Ever since that moment, we made it a point to have daily Wallpaper. dance parties. Their new album, Ricky Reed is Real, is out now on iTunes and, I kid you not, there isn’t one bad song. If you want to have the best damn day of your life, buy it immediately and puke your brains out with the rest of us.


It was also in Chicago that Lauren got a chance to slip away for a few minutes to catch her first Five Knives show. Again, Miss Gabbie Brown is the one to thank in this case. Lauren came back almost speechless. “You just have to see them for yourselves,” was really all she could say. When we all got the chance to watch Five Knives together, it was pretty much the same reaction. Can you describe a band as just “wow,” because we’re going to. They are excitedly unpredictable and their interaction with the crowd keeps you on your toes the entire set. A little bird told us they’re taking a break to record their next album, so in the meantime support them by purchasing their latest album, The Rising.


We actually first met Itch and Alejandro walking through the bus parking lot in Cleveland. They introduced themselves and we promised we’d see their set if we got a chance. Luckily, in Atlanta we got placed directly across from the Spotify stage so we got a front row spot. At the risk of sounding cheesy, their set was incredibly powerful. We knew Itch to be outspoken and opinionated, but with these three backing him up, the show was unstoppable every single time. We also loved how Itch rolled his wheelchair out into the crowd. People gathered around out of curiosity and stayed from pure amazement.


When we found out that Action Item was going to be a part of this year’s Warped Tour we were so excited. We’ve known these guys for a few years now, so we were already familiar with their music and them as individuals. It just made more sense for us to be there. Action Item is, unashamedly, a pop band from New Jersey. Every single show, many of which we side-staged it for, outdid the one before. For most of the tour the guys had Jeremy Smith from Days Difference standing in on keyboards. When Jeremy left it was a true test of Action Item as a foursome, and it was truly outstanding. They will have no problem carrying themselves in the late fall on The Us Against Them Tour with Jake Miller and Air Dubai. These four are solid.

aswfont1Lauren and Annie have known Allstar Weekend since 2009 when the band was just named “Allstar.” Their addition to the tour helped us make our final decision in joining as well. It was especially awesome, and bittersweet, having the opportunity to watch them every day considering their stretch on Warped marked their last performances as Allstar Weekend. In the coming weeks, ASW is announcing their new name and new musical direction, an extremely exciting and much-needed change-of-pace for the band. While it will be tough for many of their die hard fan girls to move on from this gigantic change, we see it as nothing but positive. Life isn’t interesting without change, and we’re glad they’re taking the opportunity while they can. Do you, Allstar Weekend. Or should we say, The Artists Formerly Known as Allstar Weekend.


SIKE! We’re doing six, because Alvarez Kings simply cannot be left out. We wouldn’t feel right about posting this list without at least mentioning these guys. We only got the chance to finally see them when we were placed across from the Insidious/Kevin Says stage in Tampa, but we were highly aware of their presence the entire time we were on tour. They were, easily, one of the hardest working bands we saw. They set up and tore down their own merch tent. They held their own signs. We saw them out and about everywhere promoting themselves. Not only that, but their set was excellent. Your dedication, hard work and awesome music did not go unnoticed, you British Kings of Alvarez.

The great thing about Warped Tour is that it features so many different types of bands, there’s something for everyone. We had a great summer with these people, and we can’t wait to see where they’ll go next. We predict big things. Let us know what you think about our top choices! We would love to know what your top bands are!

Warped Tour: Cleveland

Warped Tour Cleveland 064

Hey, strangers! First off, let me apologize for our small hiatus. Life is completely unpredictable and insane at the moment, not that we’re complaining (it’s awesome), it just makes blogging, let alone finding a legitimate internet signal, a little bit difficult. Anyway, our second and most recent stop on Vans Warped Tour was in Cleveland at Blossom Music Center. If I had to come up with one word to describe the entire day, I would have to be boring and unoriginal and go with HOT. I mean, unbearably hot. So hot they had sprinklers and slip ‘n slides set up. So hot we had to change our outfits twice. So hot that people were unashamedly cursing the sun into oblivion. This isn’t to compare our work as vendors to that of the actual roadies and musicians, I’m just merely putting things into perspective: Warped Tour is amazing, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Our advice is to prepare for everything, but expect nothing, because it never works out exactly the way you planned it. Of course, the benefits greatly outweigh any negatives and we couldn’t be more excited about what we’re doing.

Warped Tour Cleveland 071

Warped Tour Cleveland 068a

Warped Tour Cleveland 078

Warped Tour Cleveland 081

photo (3)

We set up around 9 every morning, and it’s always a guess as to which stage we’ll be near. In Indianapolis we were right next to the Monster Energy stage, this time we were directly up the hill from the Domo and Tilly’s split stage in the amphitheater. We were actually able to catch one full show, this time Allstar Weekend were the lucky ones.

Warped Tour Cleveland 131

Warped Tour Cleveland 130

Warped Tour Cleveland 132

We really dig our tent. We love the rustic boutique look, and we love that it allows people to come inside and browse. If you can’t make it to Warped this year, no worries! Check out our online store and have just about everything customized to your liking.

OH and most excitedly, Novena Carmel from Wallpaper wore our pink Start Something crop top on stage! How amazing does she look, and look at that crowd!

photo (2)As always, for the most up-to-date information, pictures and random happenings, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. See you guys tomorrow in Chicago at First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre!

Trends We Love: the slogan t-shirt

In our world, it’s always t-shirt time. Think about it: of all the ever-evolving trends and styles out there, the t-shirt is the one constant. It’s the piece of clothing we always go back to, the thing we dig up from the bottom of the hamper to wear again, the worn-in go-to that makes you feel comfortable in every situation. There’s something about a perfectly-styled t-shirt that makes us swoon. Right now we’re obsessed with the graphic slogan t-shirt. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Let your t-shirt do the talking when you just don’t feel like it.


Right now, in our store, we have the perfect slogan tee for music and fashion lovers alike. We call it the “Tour Essentials Tunic,” because it features everything you love and remember, both fondly and not, about road trips. Highways, truck stops, motels, late nights, music — the things that make the memories. On July 3, we head out with Vans Warped Tour, and this shirt is sure to become the symbol for our month on the road. (We are so excited!) The shirt itself is a heather gray, over-sized, capped-sleeve tunic. It’s made for every body type and is insanely comfortable. Wear it with our denim cutoffs, underneath a jacket or sweater, with a leather skirt and heels, your choice. It’s that versatile.