Spring Cleaning


Right now at fellowthreads.com we are holding a gigantic, too good to be true, everything under $20 spring sale! We have twelve exclusive items on sale, and once they’re gone THEY’RE GONE. Some of these designs are the first ideas we put together at the very start of Fellow Threads. Personal favorites include the Atlas Tee, the Hometown Hero crewneck and the flowing army green Roadtripping tunic. Let us not forget the, now totally exclusive, After Party shirts we did for the band well over a year ago. The band is no longer together, but we have the last remaining shirts, so be sure to grab yours before they’re gone forever. These designs in particular bring back so many good memories, but we’re ready to move onward and upward. There’s nothing like a little spring cleaning to get the inspiration flowing.

If you have any questions about individual pieces / pricing / shipping / anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask! Happy spring shopping!

Crop into Fall

Is anyone else experiencing unusual August weather? This morning it was, dare I say it, chilly out and it stayed that way all day. Even now as I type this, I’ve opened my windows in lieu of the air conditioner. Here at Fellow Threads, we are unashamedly summer people through and through, so we often look for ways to incorporate our favorite summer looks into all seasons.

For many of you, fall also means back to school, and we’re here to tell you that your autumn wardrobe doesn’t have to be bland sweaters and boring button-ups. The Resort 2014 runways are indicating that one of our most favorite summer looks, and extremely popular Warped exclusive item, isn’t going away anytime soon. Good news, people! The crop top is here to stay… at least for now anyway.


Left: Fellow Threads Warped Exclusive Crossback Crop Top

Right: Top Shop Sequin Lace Panel Crop Top

Our crossback crop tops come in purple, turquoise and traditional black and white, and they’re only $15. They were, easily, one of our most popular items on Warped Tour. Unfortunately we can’t all live a musical fest life every single day of the year, so here are some tips for dressing your crop top more modestly! Make sure to check out our main website for other cropped options.

  • layer it
  • look for a less-revealing fit
  • pair it with a longer skirt or pants
  • choose more neutral colors


The crop top. Let’s discuss: The perfect midriff-bearing, sleeves-optional, easy and cute warm-weather top? or An obnoxiously small baby-sized, ill-fitting pullover?


We say if Beyonce does it, then it’s a great thing. We love how she wears her flowy top over her bathing suit paired with tiny shorts. Diane Kruger is in the middle. When it comes to fashion, she is absolutely fearless. Her fitted top with overalls (which we carry!) is ingenious. Lastly, Miley (pre-buzz cut) showcasing her perfect stomach with a flowy crop worn with leggings. Lovely.

We feel like crop tops can be classic pieces. It just all depends on how you style it. And obviously, we don’t all have a Miley Cyrus body, and that’s exactly why we sell a plethora of high-waisted shorts to cover up your not so favorite parts. But we say, if you feel confident, wear it. Our Start Something crop tops come in either pink or mint green, embroidered in white. They are soft and flowy and incredibly easy to wear. Eventually, we will be expanding our crop top selection. Here’s a preview of what they look like, and how we would style them.


Now, we want to know. How do you style your crop tops? If you’re interested in knowing where we purchased any of the individual items above, please feel free to ask in the comments!