F/W Launch Week

If you haven’t heard, we recently announced that our Fall/Winter line officially launches on November 1. That’s just FOUR DAYS away! It’s been a long time in the making, but we could not be more excited about these particular pieces. We also announced the name of the collection, and a sneak preview product photo.

FW launch photo

Without giving too much away, this collection is all about comfort and nostalgia. It’s about your favorite comfy staples. Think oversized, androgynous, classics. We really can’t wait to share this with you guys, and we always appreciate your unconditional support and enthusiasm. FOUR MORE DAYS!

In the meantime, make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for continuous news, surprises, photos and updates! Also, click around our newly refurbished main site. We’re loving its sleek new style. Let the countdown begin!

Clue #2

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Our’s was on the cooler side, but we’re happy to bust out our favorite sweaters. Often, there’s nothing better than a gigantic, comfy sweater. What are some of your favorite pieces to wear in wear in fall?

Anyway, we’re here to announce Clue #2 — the second small hint at the theme of our fall/winter line. We have been working tirelessly on this collection of clothing, and like with anything you’re passionate about, we want to be completely happy with it before we debut it to the masses. Just a few more weeks. Now, onto the second clue! (If you missed Clue #1, you can check it out here.)


The night sky? Stars? Hmm. An additional tidbit: this screenshot is from a movie. We realize these pictures may seem vague or incredibly random, but we promise you they are actually quite specific if you know what you’re looking at. You can expect a few more clues before the line launches in just a few weeks. Tweet us @fellowthreads with any guesses!