A Very Disney Christmas


We had the absolute pleasure of visiting Epcot and the Magic Kingdom during the holidays. Just as you would expect with Disney, it was magical, and now that we live minutes from the parks we are able to visit whenever we have free time. There is, however, something innately and almost inexplicably special about Disney World during Christmastime.


We went to Epcot on Christmas Eve and while some might consider it the lesser of the Disney Parks, thrill-wise anyway, but we would happily disagree. If Disney does anything well (and they do), they are brilliant at creating an experience. For a few hours, you can confidently pretend you’re walking through the streets of Germany, or enjoying French pastries in a boulangerie. A favorite spot for us is The Rose and Crown Pub located in the U.K. area of the World Showcase. *That’s a huge plus about Epcot — unlike the other three Disney Parks, they serve alcohol!* At night we enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner at Cafe Marrakesh in Morocco, complete with falafel, hummus, lamb kebabs and belly dancers.





We, of course, saved the Magic Kingdom for Christmas day. When you visit any Disney park, especially during the holidays, you have to accept the fact that your day will include lots of waiting. The parks will be jam-packed, the attraction lines will be long (as well as the bathrooms) and the chances of people getting testy are high. You have to look at the bigger picture: you are in the happiest place on earth, so don’t forget to take in the experience. There is so much to do! The New Fantasyland expansion and the Starbucks addition on Main Street are just a couple of the newer treasures we experienced. We always love Splash Mountain, even in 60 degrees, and we always love The Haunted Mansion. Waiting in line for that is half the fun! Plus, the entire park is decorated beautifully. They even shoot out fake snow over Main Street.


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We can’t wait to have more Disney adventures — we’re even planning some photo shoots around the area. It’s such an inspiring place to be, it makes you feel like you can accomplish anything if you just work hard. We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break, and that the new year brings you everything you want and need. Also, we hope those trapped in below freezing temperatures and entirely too much snow are staying safe and warm! Don’t forget to bring your animals inside! If you’re already over winter and forever dreaming about warmer weather, by all means check out our denim shorts on the website. Every pair is designed, customized and fitted just for you! We’re already planning for our spring/summer adventures, so be sure to stay tuned for more.

Behind the Scenes

photo (3)A favorite aspect of our business is the fusion of fashion and music, which is exactly the reason we jumped at the chance to join Vans Warped Tour this year. It’s a chance for us to not only sell our products, but to feel inspired by what started this journey in the first place: our love of good music. You have to hand it to vendors of any kind. It’s old-fashioned hard work. Long hours in the sweltering heat, long car rides wedged between boxes, lugging equipment two to three times your size… but it’s all been more than worth it just to meet you guys.   Enjoy these snapshots of some behind the scenes action on tour so far.

If you can’t make it to the Warped Tour this year, don’t worry! You can buy all of our products via our online store. Every single item is hand-picked and designed just for you. And remember, if you photograph yourself wearing any of our merchandise, we’ll happily feature you on our website as well as our social media sites. We’re heading back out on July 18 in Cleveland. Make sure to stop by and see us and, in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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