5 Style Tips

We love what people do with fashion.  Clothing designers give the world fashion, but it’s what is done with it that creates an individual’s sense of style. A girl can always have the latest handbag or shoe, but that doesn’t mean she has style. It just means she has money. Recently, there was an article published in Harper’s Bazaar US titled “Frederic Fekkai’s 10 Steps to Achieving French Elegance” in which the esteemed hairstylist talks about surprisingly simple to-dos to achieve a Parisian sensibility. We took inspiration from his list by generating our own style guidelines with the hope that it resonates with all young women, and the Fellow Threads customer in particular.

1. Know your uniform. Recognize the outfit or pieces of clothing in which you feel the most confident and comfortable and wear variations of it. By doing so, you will discover your personal uniform which will effortlessly transform into your signature style. Alexa Chung is the master of this. Jumper dresses, oversized sweaters, flats or loafers, blouses… BAM, relaxed 60s chic.

2. Don’t obsess over trends. Trends come and go so quickly that it seems almost impossible to keep up. Incorporate the ones that make you happy, of course, but it’s perfectly fine to stick with the choices that you know, without a doubt, work for you. Notably, when we attempt to follow every single popular trend we risk disappearing into the crowd. Be the only one in the room without ombre hair and a flower crown. (Not that we have anything against those particular style choices, in fact we love them! Just referencing them for their current popularity.) If you’re interested in learning more about which trends can work for you check out style.com‘s Trend Reports and do some research!

3. Less is more. We love accessories and layers as much as the next girl, but there is something awe-inspiring about seeing a woman or man looking like every single thing they’re wearing is thought-out. Just because you have ten pieces of jewelry you die for doesn’t mean you need to wear them all in one go. Choose the few pieces that make your outfit pop, everything should be complimentary. Simplistic chic is one of our favorite styles and this is only achievable by editing yourself. Cue Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Now, we know the Olsen twins are famously funky, however, they are just as impeccable at simple and sleek.

4. Invest in the classics. Fill your closet with the basic pieces that never go out of style. The perfect white T-shirt, relaxed boyfriend jeans, simple ballet flats, a versatile pair of boots, a fitted blazer… These pieces tend to remain in the neutral color zone (black, white, gray, tan, navy blue) and are seen on just about every style icon we can think of. Seriously, think about it. Audrey Hepburn: crewneck tops, ballet flats. Kate Moss: basic T-shirts, fitted blazers, denim. Gwen Stefani: perfect-fit boyfriend jeans, fitted blazers. It’s how these women style the classics that make them stand out as individuals.

5. Embrace your natural beauty. This is a huge one. As a society, we tend to covet what everyone else has and what everyone else looks like, many times disregarding or even hiding our own unique characteristics. We all have a secret desire to resemble a Victoria’s Secret model, but we also very well know the chances of that happening are slim to none. But supermodel-beautiful is definitely not the only type of beautiful in this world. We should make more of an effort to recognize and celebrate our own unique features, thus, generating more confidence than we knew we had. Take inspiration from these women whom, we believe, embrace their natural, beautiful selves.

Now, of course, these tips are subjective and are listed because they work for us and seem to have worked for women over a long period of time. Everyone perceives style differently, though, and that’s an aspect of this business that we believe is absolutely necessary. Perspectives make life interesting and starts conversations. So, we would love to know: what are your style tips for yourself? What do you think about ours?


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