Front Row Favorites: Spring ’14 Couture

There is little we love more than people who exude effortless style, and one of the greatest places/scenes/experiences to check out these sartorially-skilled is fashion week! Well, it happens to be couture season in Paris and we’ve compiled our absolute favorite expertly-styled attendees for your perusal. (Sidenote: Did you guys see the Elie Saab show? It’s magnificent. I can’t look at it without immediately thinking of Disney’s Frozen. It’s magical, basically. Oh, and I believe I’ve found my future wedding dress.)


Christian Dior

Giambattista Valli


What we all love about the majority of these looks, is that they can be copied at home. Besides the occasional burst of color, most of the looks contain basic neutrals that most of us have a version of already in our wardrobes. I love a person who can slip on a Chanel or Valentino and look natural in it, like they belong in it. They don’t look fussy and overdone, but complete. Certain clothes just make sense on certain people, and it’s more than safe to say these people have found their signature styles. Let us know — who are your favorites?





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