We’re Moving!

It’s no secret to those closest to us that moving to Florida has been a far-off dream of ours for years. We are Midwest people, born and bred, and the idea of living closer to warmth and sunshine and Disney World has been an exciting but always unattainable one. Well, finally, the day has come. In less than one week we are heading south to the sunshine state, just minutes from the Happiest Place on Earth!


As far as the business goes, there will not be any extreme changes — besides our P.O. box, which you will know as soon as we do. Our website remains fully functional (so feel free to shop away!) and we will continue to work as hard as ever. If anything, we know our relocation will inspire so much more business and creativity-wise. Orlando offers a world of culture and activities that the Midwest can lack, and we can’t wait to take advantage of them. We plan to be apart of more events, year-round, reaching more and more people. Of course, we won’t ever ignore our Midwest roots. Indianapolis is where our business began, where we started putting together the most basic aspects of a big idea, and we will forever be grateful for what you have helped us build over the last year. If you have any questions or concerns, or well wishes!, regarding our move, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. We want you to be apart of our journey, every step of the way.

Sidenote: Sunday, December 15 is the last day to order from our website with guaranteed delivery by Christmas, and U.S. shipping is FREE until 2014! Be sure to take advantage!




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