Inspiration of the Day


Because who doesn’t need some Monday inspiration? It’s not always so easy to bounce back into a blah work week routine, so we’re here to help you feel maybe just a little bit more empowered and inspired to change things up a bit. Over the weekend, movie star and all-around goddess Angelina Jolie received an Oscar at the 2013 Governor’s Ball for her amazing international humanitarian work… and in this particular case, work means work. She doesn’t just donate a portion of her millions to random charities and call it a day, she’s on the ground in foreign countries, making speeches in political forums, physically working at making our world a better place. It’s so easy to look at today’s reality and feel disheartened and defeated, and this coming from a twenty-something says a lot about the general state of things. But when we look at people like Jolie who does the best she “can with this life to be of use,” it’s possible to see that we can make a difference, no matter how small we think our contribution. Grab some tissues, she’s amazing.

Speaking of making a difference, our very own founder, Lauren, is heading back to Kenya in February 2014! You can follow along with her adventures at and see firsthand how the actions of one person can create positive change. And don’t forget! A portion of every single piece sold in our store goes straight to organizations making an impact in the most in-need African countries.



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