Clue #1

Our fall/winter line is premiering in less than a month, so to keep the impatient ones at bay, starting today, right this second, we will be posting clues every so often hinting at the collection’s overall theme. We are being meticulous about this line — perfecting designs and carefully choosing items that fit effortlessly into your wardrobes… not to mention, we are thrilled about the theme. It contains aspects that each of us love and covet in our own personal styles, and we can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Today’s clue speaks to more of a style choice. Remember, these are just HINTS. Maybe we’ll do a small contest for those who can make the most accurate guesses.


(Yeah yeah yeah, we know they aren’t together anymore, but just go with it.) Start putting the clues together! Good luck.

1 thought on “Clue #1

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