Front Row Favorites pt. 1

We love a good fashion show like any sartorial enthusiast, but one of the most fascinating aspects of the shows, in our opinion, is who attends and what they wear. This year’s shows (Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear) are greatly inspirational to us and we pay close attention to who graces the front rows with their presence. After perusing hundreds of photos, courtesy of, we chose a few of our front row favorites; those who stood out fashionably and personality-wise.



Alexander Wang


We love the chic simplicity that these people exude. It’s a message that fashion doesn’t have to be fussy or complex, and that sometimes simple is better and makes just as bold a statement. What are your favorite looks? We are obsessed with the oversized Bambi sweater Lily and Anna are wearing.


One thought on “Front Row Favorites pt. 1

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