We’re Back!

FRIENDS! We’re finally home and ready to get back on board the blog train. We have so much to tell you, and we apologize for the unintentional hiatus. This past month was crazy, but now we are calm and collected and adjusting to reality quite well. (Not entirely true, but we’re trying our best.)


We basically lived a month-long dream life of travelling across the country with some of the coolest musical folk you could ever hope to meet. Our return to reality has been a rocky one, but if there’s one thing we’re all about here at Fellow Threads it’s that you are, ultimately, the creator of your own reality. Everyday life doesn’t have to be droll and routine, it can be awesome, and that’s something we strive for constantly. If you want change, you have to live outside your comfort zone, and man, did we ever.

The coolest part about travelling was having the opportunity to meet so many of you. It was incredible how many of you recognized us. Remember to tag us in any pictures of yourself wearing our apparel, and we’ll feature you. Also, we sold out of a lot of merchandise while on the road, so make sure to double check the website. We are also moments away from planning our fall line, so get excited! We have a lot in store for you.

For now, while we continue to organize our lives, I will leave you with a photo dump of sorts: a hodgepodge collage of our adventures.

In the meantime, follow us on our personal Twitter and Instagram accounts for more personal photos and point-of-views. It’s good to be back!


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