Warped Tour: Chicago (part I)

The Chicago leg of the tour was so epic, I’m posting it in two parts. There’s no other way to present all the awesomeness without overwhelming you. It was, easily, the most fun and successful day for us. The vibe of the crowd was just different. Cleveland was so hot, it was almost miserable. People didn’t seem to be feeling it, but the Chicago crowd came in full force. We met so many cool people and we spotted some of the best Warped style we’ve seen so far. (Chicago part II will feature all the awesome bands we’re falling in love with, many of which are wearing our clothes on stage!)

We all spotted this girl waiting in line for a signing. Her outfit combination is perfect. This is how you do festivalwear, especially when it’s over 80 degrees outside.

I got so excited when I spotted this girl across the venue wearing our entire line. We are currently only selling the crop tops on tour, but you can find the bohemian print cut-offs on our website!

This is Crystal and Samm, who are touring with New Years Day. They wondered into our tent and I immediately had to take their picture. Sammy is a “living dead girl,” and is normally dressed in full-on costume. She said it was nice to walk around in normal clothes for a change. Her version of normal is fantastic. They could not have been nicer, and we were so impressed by their ability to look perfectly put together in the sweltering heat.

We made some wonderful new friends from the band Five Knives. Left is Lauren, Fellow Threads owner and designer, with lead singer Anna Worstell. Right is Richie, the band’s tour manager, with our best friend and favorite Buzznet blogger Gabbie Brown. They are rocking our Hometown Hero t-shirt like there’s no tomorrow.

We are having a blast and we have an arsenal of great pictures and footage to share next! Stay tuned!


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