Trends We Love: denim on denim


Very much like the classic t-shirt in our last post, denim is an undeniable staple in every wardrobe. At the moment, we feel denim is so vital, particularly, to one’s summer wardrobe, that we have fallen in love with the chic simplicity of full-on denim-on-denim outfits. Every year this trend seems to pop up, but now we’ve accepted it, we’re committed and we’re dating. We’re talking tailored chambray button-downs paired with frayed and hole-ridden cut-offs, even skinny jeans. Mix and match shades and textures to create dimension in your outfit (but mainly to avoid the whole Canadian tuxedo look). Or just decide you’re wearing a Canadian tux, and wear it proudly, because someone somewhere out there will look at you and think, “Why didn’t I think of that!?”


Having said all that, denim head-to-toe, when done wrong, can be bad. Very bad. Hideous even. (Cue Justin and Britney circa 2001.) But when it’s done right, it’s spectacular. And luckily for you, we happen to specialize in hand-crafted reconstructed denim cut-offs. Remember, if you wear any of our clothing, we will feature you on the website and/or Instagram!

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