Trends We Love: the slogan t-shirt

In our world, it’s always t-shirt time. Think about it: of all the ever-evolving trends and styles out there, the t-shirt is the one constant. It’s the piece of clothing we always go back to, the thing we dig up from the bottom of the hamper to wear again, the worn-in go-to that makes you feel comfortable in every situation. There’s something about a perfectly-styled t-shirt that makes us swoon. Right now we’re obsessed with the graphic slogan t-shirt. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Let your t-shirt do the talking when you just don’t feel like it.


Right now, in our store, we have the perfect slogan tee for music and fashion lovers alike. We call it the “Tour Essentials Tunic,” because it features everything you love and remember, both fondly and not, about road trips. Highways, truck stops, motels, late nights, music — the things that make the memories. On July 3, we head out with Vans Warped Tour, and this shirt is sure to become the symbol for our month on the road. (We are so excited!) The shirt itself is a heather gray, over-sized, capped-sleeve tunic. It’s made for every body type and is insanely comfortable. Wear it with our denim cutoffs, underneath a jacket or sweater, with a leather skirt and heels, your choice. It’s that versatile.



6 thoughts on “Trends We Love: the slogan t-shirt

  1. I just love t-shirts with graphic prints. On your store, can I pay with paypale and do you send to Norway?

  2. I should add, we also accept any major credit card. It’s processed via PayPal, but you don’t necessarily have to set up an account. 🙂


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