Style Moments: The Olsen Twins Olsen did you want to be when your were a kid? Personally, I always wanted to be Mary Kate who was often casted as the quirky tomboy opposite to her fraternal twin, Ashley, who generally played the well-to-do girly girl. I ask because today is the Olsen twin’s 27th birthday, a day considered a national holiday by most of the fashion world. We decided what better way to celebrate than to feature some of our favorite Olsen looks, which I have to say got AMAZING when they quit making movies and decided to focus on building their fashion empire. Everything from kaftans and scraggly, wavy hair to over-sized sunglasses and Starbucks cups. You have to respect anyone who stands just above 5 feet and manages to pull off some of these looks.

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There’s a lot to be learned from Mary Kate and Ashley. Particularly that it’s okay to be daring when it comes to styling yourself; that there are no “rules” when it comes to fashion. Wear what makes you happy. Another admirable quality is their insane work ethic. In almost every interview I’ve watched or read on these two, they talk about their passion for their work first and foremost. That’s something we, at Fellow Threads, try to infuse into everything we do. We are deeply devoted and invested and we hope our customers can see that.

What are some of your favorite Olsen twin moments, and how have they influenced you?


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