Our Mission

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to drop by the blog to tell you a little more about our giving project in Kenya and how you can get involved.

Our company was founded in response to a trip I took to Nairobi, Kenya in the summer of 2011. Moved by the hopeful spirits of the people I met in the Mathare Valley slum and inspired to join them in creating positive change, I created the company as a way to support their efforts. Since we launched in July 2011, we have not only been able to give to the people of Mathare, but we have also financially supported a variety of great projects from building wells in Turkana to helping end human trafficking in Thailand.

Beginning this month, we’re going back to our roots and focusing our support where we feel that, with your help, we can have the greatest impact. Instead of giving a set amount of money to a project each month as we have in the past, we will now be giving the portion of our proceeds ($2 from each item sold) to specific children in Mathare that we sponsor. For just $38 per month per child, we can help provide education, food, school uniforms, medical care, immunizations, school supplies, extracurricular activities and counseling for children who would likely never go to school otherwise. We currently sponsor 2 children, Christine and Evans, who I had the privilege of spending time with both at their school and in their homes in the slum on my trip. Our goal is to sponsor more and more children as our company continues to grow.

We love creating great clothing for you, and we want you to join us in creating a movement. So how can you get involved?

  • Continue to do what you do best…shop! $2 from every item we sell in our online shop as well as at Warped Tour this summer will go directly to support the children we sponsor.
  • Tell your friends. Share a photo on Facebook, tweet a link to a product you love, post photos of your favorite outfits on Instagram, get creative. You have more power than you know at your fingertips!

We couldn’t be more excited about this new direction, and we truly believe that it is the best way that we can partner with you, our amazing customers, in creating big change in an area of the world where big things are happening every day.



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