TOP5ashley1Hi, everyone! This is your friendly neighborhood blog admin, Ashley, and this is my first semi-personal post. We’ve created a TOP FIVE theme in which all Fellow Threads staff members will feature and explain their top most favorite things in various categories.

▸These five songs are a part of my current playlist for the beginning of the summer. They are basically the ones that I can play on repeat all day and not get tired of.

  1. The wonderful gentlemen in Action Item released an album called Resolutions back in January, and this song continues to resonate with me. It’s also a killer dance song. FUN FACT: Action Item is one of the bands on Vans Warped Tour this summer! (And don’t forget, so are we! Except not singing, just selling.) I can’t wait to see them perform in a festival setting, it’s sure to be amazing.
  2. LISSIE, ladies and gentlemen. She’s my modern day Stevie Nicks, complete with the gravelly voice (and I mean that in the best way) and bohemian lifestyle. I promise you she’s unlike any lady singer you’ve recently heard. Just incredible, take a listen.
  3. I mean, do I even need to elaborate? ‘Mirrors‘ is just kind of the perfect song, isn’t it? The full version is about 8 minutes long, which equals 480 seconds of pure genius. Welcome back, J.T. I’ve missed you.
  4. I’ve always thought Fall Out Boy was good, but this new album is so great. It’s like 11 anthems of awesomeness, and, for me, the very last song is the most special. Yeah, that sounds super cheesy, but SIR ELTON JOHN sings on it. It’s raw and real and chills-inducing.
  5. I know what you’re thinking. “Bon Jovi? Really?” YES, REALLY. This is a song off the new album, but it’s got that old Bon Jovi feel. I’ve seen him every time he’s been in town (except Richie Sambora has been absent the majority of those times, what the heck) and it’s a damn good time. Like this song.

Enjoy and let me know what some of your current favorite songs are! You guys can find me on Spotify under Ashley Morgan, if you want to check out the playlist above.



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